Our Mission

Revivre is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help those living with anxiety, depressive or bipolar disorders, and their loved ones. Revivre works in collaboration with the public and community-based mental health networks.

Our approach

To fulfill its mission, Revivre focuses on ad hoc support through active listening and by providing information and references, as well as self-management support for mental health.

Revivre bases its work on the following guiding principle: collaborate and build alliances and strategic partnerships with the public and community-based mental health networks, as well as the private sector.

About Revivre

Martin Enault
Martin EnaultChairman

I’m often asked why I joined Revivre. The day-to-day challenges of entrepreneurship damaged my mental and emotional health by exacerbating my limitations. I’ve been living with depression and panic attacks triggered by these challenges for 15 years. I love what I do, and this long and hard path through ups and downs shaped me into who I am today. I’m proud of it. I’m grateful to those around me who helped me to learn from my mood disorders and use them as positive leverage.

Did you know that globally, one in four people will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lives? And that if nothing changes, the vast majority of them will have no way out because of the stigma surrounding these conditions?

The time has come to unite to break this stigma and talk about these things openly.

In 25 years, Revivre has built a solid reputation for supporting the self-management of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Starting right now, I commit to making 2017 the beginning of a movement to break the silence and make mental health a common topic of discussion for everyone, and to create a safe space around myself where acceptance and understanding will prevail.

Together, let us make mental health a key aspect of our collective priorities and, from now on, let’s view it as a national priority—for our well-being and that of our community.

Jean-Rémy Provost
Jean-Rémy ProvostExecutive Director

Revivre has just finished celebrating their 25th anniversary with style. We carried out 11,500 interventions during this special year, which represents an increase of 30% over the previous year. It’s quite something. In a quarter of a century, we held over 300,000 group and individual interventions to support people living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

Faced with these figures that speak volumes on the needs of the public, one thing appears evident: Revivre plays a central role in helping people regain control of their health. In the last year, we have worked to give a large place to those who have received our help. Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the Website redesign and the creation of our YouTube Channel, 25 people agreed to be filmed expressing their gratitude for the support offered by Revivre. These video capsules, which have been viewed over 8,000 times, were a good manifestation of this project’s theme: the hope of coming back to life.

Of these testimonies — each more eloquent than the next — I was especially struck by that of Valérie Rodrigue-Charbonneau, who said the following after mentioning her participation in the J’avance! Program’s self-management workshops: “Revivre literally saved my life when I didn’t even think it could be saved anymore.” Like many people, Valérie decided, despite her awful state of being, to take action and contact Revivre in the hope of simply living. The effect of Revivre’s support was to amplify the strength that was already inside her.

Helping people regain the ability to influence their lives in a positive way is the Revivre team’s daily mission. I want to congratulate all those who dare to ask for help and extend a huge thank you to our entire team for its invaluable support.

En 1991, un groupe de personnes touchées de près par la dépression ou la maniaco-dépression (trouble bipolaire) décide de créer l’Association des dépressifs et des maniaco-dépressifs. Elles créent alors la ligne téléphonique d’écoute, d’information et de références, organisent des séances d’information, lancent le bulletin Question d’humeur (aujourd’hui L’envolée) et fournissent la formation des bénévoles à la ligne téléphonique.

En 1994, un projet pilote de trois groupes d’entraide est lancé. En 1995, le premier groupe pour les proches et les conjoints est mis sur pied. En 1998, débute le volet Jeunesse destiné aux jeunes souffrant de dépression ou de trouble bipolaire.

En 2001, l’Association des dépressifs et des maniaco-dépressifs devient Revivre – Association québécoise de soutien aux personnes souffrant de troubles anxieux, dépressifs ou bipolaires. Elle intègre alors les troubles anxieux dans ses services.

En 2008 et 2009, Revivre crée des ateliers de prévention des rechutes et d’estime de soi et des fiches d’information pour répondre plus efficacement à son objectif d’offrir une écoute active, de l’information pertinente tout en lui donnant l’occasion de se doter d’outils utiles pour recouvrer une santé mentale optimale.

En 2011, l’organisme fête ses 20 ans de soutien auprès de la population québécoise et adopte un logo spécial pour l’occasion.

En 2012, Revivre adopte un plan stratégique triennal avec comme toile de fond la vision suivante : être reconnue, au Québec, pour notre expertise en soutien à l’autogestion de l’anxiété, de la dépression et de la bipolarité, auprès des personnes atteintes et de leurs proches ainsi que du réseau institutionnel et communautaire en santé mentale.

En 2014, Revivre termine la création et la validation de cinq ateliers d’autogestion : Autogestion de l’anxiété, Autogestion de la dépression, Autogestion de la bipolarité, Autogestion des troubles anxieux et de l’humeur en milieu de travail et Autogestion de l’estime de soi. Grâce à son programme J’avance!, Revivre consolide dès lors son expertise en soutien à l’autogestion de l’anxiété, de la dépression et de la bipolarité.

En 2016, Revivre fête ses 25 ans et profite de cet anniversaire pour mettre en ligne une nouvelle plateforme Web pour J’avance! et également pour revoir complètement son site Internet afin de mieux répondre aux besoins de la population québécoise et du monde entier. Revivre.org est plus que jamais le lieu où le soutien et l’information occupent une place importante pour quiconque se sent concerné par les troubles anxieux et de l’humeur, intégrant plusieurs nouveautés dont une section Témoignages où sont diffusées notamment des capsules vidéo de personnes ayant bénéficié du soutien de l’organisme.


Martin Enault
Chief Operating Officer, Felix & Paul Studios

Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer
Brian G. Bexton, M.D.


Honorary Chairman
Guy Latraverse
Producer, Fair-Play

Marcel Aubin
President, Agence SDA3
Serge Beaulieu, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Medical Chief, Bipolar Disorders Clinic, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre
Executive Chair, Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT)
Étienne Crevier
Founder, BiogeniQ | Corporate Development Director, Biron Health Group
Stéphanie Ipavec-Levasseur
Associate Product Manager, Manulife
Simon Lafrance
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner, Strategeum
Nadine Lindsay
President and Chief Executive Officer, OACIQ
Anthony Palermo
Co-Fouder, Connect & Go
Mathieu Rompré
Director, Business Development & Firm Public Relations, Montréal, Blakes
Isabelle Turcotte
Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, scale ai


Jean-Rémy Provost, Executive Director
Danielle Germain, Clinical Director
Josée Lafitte, Partnership Director
Josée St-Amand, Director - Growth & Marketing

Mental Health Workers

Angéline Roy-Hébert, Team Leader
Annie Beaudin, Peer Support Worker
Julia Brito-Denis
Vicky Chicoine
Lewis Moreau
Christine Sauvé

Program Trainer and Self-Management Workshops Facilitator, J'avance! Program

Vicky Chicoine
Vanessa Debien
Virginie Dubé
Angéline Roy-Hébert

Self-Management Workshop Facilitator

Myreille Bédard
Julie Berson
Élisabeth Catelle
Laura Chéron-Leboeuf
Alexandra Desrochers
Sarrah Falfoul
Catherine Gareau-Blanchard
Yves Jourdain
Saadia Maaroufi
Patricia Marinelli
Jonathan McArthur
Mélanie Mercuri
Justine Razafindramboa

Coordination and Support

Chantal Roby, Coordinator, J'avance!
Nadia Hammouda, English Community Lead
Élizabeth Jong, Administrative Assistant
James Amaral De Matos, Accounting Technician
Danielle Leblanc, Receptionist