Declared as an essential service by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Revivre remained active throughout the COVID-19 crisis, continuing to offer virtual support to those affected by anxiety, depression and bipolarity while further developing its virtual service offering. Due to current public health guidelines, our workshops will not be offered at Revivre this fall, but will be offered virtually via videoconference.

Virtual self-management workshops
Registration opens on August 3rd at 9:00 a.m.


J’avance!'s  program consists of five self-management workshops aiming to support people who live or have lived with anxiety, depression or bipolarity and who wish to take action in a concrete way, supported by a group of participants and qualified mental health counsellors.

You are not alone feeling overwhelmed and wanting to improve your everyday life!


Last year, Revivre helped over 375 people to regain control over their health.

Five thematics offered in French 

  1. Autogestion de l'anxiété
  2. Autogestion de la bipolarité
  3. Autogestion de la dépression
  4. Autogestion de l’estime de soi
  5. Autogestion en milieu de travail

One thematic offered in English 

  1. Anxiety Self-Management Workshop

Workshop timetable

Due to public health guidelines, Revivre’s self-management workshops are offered virtually by videoconference. Our workshops will resume at Revivre, when the situation will permit.
Refer to our workshop timetable.

When to register?

Register on Monday, August 3 at 9:00 a.m. Please note that the applicable fees and registration terms will be available on our website. Our team is looking forward to supporting you towards a more serene future!

If you are looking to participate in a self-management workshop near you, we invite you to contact the partner organisation directly to find out about the public health guidelines put in place to deal with the current situation.



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