Invited to participate in the collaboration My Heart, My Cause, Quebec artist Marie-Claude Marquis has chosen support Revivre.

A new fashion collaboration is coming to Icône at Simons. My Heart, My Cause spotlights the talent of three Canadian illustrators who have chosen to partner with a charitable cause and create an exclusive design to be printed on T-shirts. These pieces are truly works of art.

Marie-Claude Marquis’ design, entitled Beautiful Chaos, depicts a dramatic cross-stitched floral bouquet in dark shades. For the artist, this piece reminds us that we all have a bit of internal chaos, which makes us unique, complex, and interesting.

Caring deeply about this cause, Marie-Claude Marquis notes that mental health and communication are recurring themes in her work. She has chosen to partner with Revivre because she believes that talking about mental health and being brave enough to ask for help are the keys to a healthier and more balanced life.



Beautiful Chaos, par Marie-Claude Marquis


Proudly Wear Your Beautiful Chaos

Find the Beautiful Chaos T-shirt featuring Marie-Claude Marquis’ exceptional artwork now in all Simons stores and online at With each T-shirt sold, $10 will be donated to Revivre.

This is a beautiful way to stylishly stand out while contributing to the cause of mental health. Show your support! Proudly wear your Beautiful Chaos.

Thank you, Marie-Claude Marquis, for believing in our cause!

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