More than ever, Revivre is advancing its mission to offer support to people affected by anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. We believe in the strength of solidarity and are making every effort to offer you services that are accessible. We are still here to support you, listen, and guide you towards good mental health.

Help, wherever you are 

All of our mental health workers are available to offer you support through our various platforms. Do not hesitate to reach us by phone, email, Facebook messaging or by participating in our discussion forum. 

Do you need help?
Wherever you are, you can communicate with us:  

To discover all available services, consult the I need help page.  

Support groups and self-management workshops: Now in virtual format 

Support groups and J’avance! self-management workshops are now available in virtual format.

Support groups and self-management workshops usually held at Revivre will resume when public health directives allow it. You can follow us on Facebook for updates. 

For Revivre the word "hope" takes on its full meaning. We are convinced that it is possible to regain confidence in one's abilities, in the future and to enhance well-being 

Go out for some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful spring days, cook, read, whatever pleases you and makes you feel good.  

Let's be #solidairevivre and keep hope alive. Become a member of the Facebook group J’avance en marchant! and learn many tips and tricks to keep your body, and morale, fit.