Ten years ago, Bell launched a new conversation about mental health via the introduction of the Bell Let’s Talk Campaign. Aimed at reducing stigma surrounding mental illness, the campaign has spurred thousands of key conversations on the subject. In parallel, Bell has generously granted financial support to several organizations, including Revivre.

In recognition of its exceptional work and high-quality services, Revivre is proud to have been selected as one of the 8 official partners of the Bell Let's Talk Day campaign.

Revivre has operated in the mental health space for 29 years. Ten years ago, we began developing an innovative approach for improved mental health, namely: the self-management support program J’avance! which consists of 5 different workshops—of which the anxiety workshop has already been translated into English.

More than 14,000 hours were invested in the conception and validation of the workshops which are recognized by hundreds of mental health experts. To date, more than 750 professionals have been trained to offer Revivre’s self-management workshops, delivered through 65 partner organizations across Quebec.

Since its inception, Revivre has helped tens of thousands of people make healthy and positive daily life choices


Hope for the future

Each year, our self-management workshops for anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, self-esteem and workplace mental health allow hundreds of people to acquire tools and develop strategies to improve self-awareness, better manage stress and reclaim power over their health.

We are committed to supporting an even greater number of people lead healthier lives. Indeed, our greatest wish is to continue bolstering our capacity to do so.

At Revivre, we sincerely believe that it is possible to have good mental while living with a mood or anxiety disorder. It is our mission to give hope to those who live daily with anxiety, depression and/or bipolar disorder so that they can get back into action and have a high quality of life.

Revivre and Bell Let’s Talk—a partnership in action!

Bell Let's Talk has been supporting us for 10 years. This supportive relationship has empowered Revivre to keep forwarding a mission that has become increasingly critical, since in mental health, all actions count!