Reclaim control of your health

Revivre is founded on the belief that it is possible to build and maintain good mental health in spite of living with a disorder and to regain a good quality of life by adopting adequate strategies. Revivre’s role is to support individuals in their path towards better self-management of their health by accompanying them and helping them put into place the strategies that lead to a better daily life, one step at a time. We favour empowerment and recovery of control over one’s health while respecting the rhythm of each individual in reaching this goal. Our main ingredient is hope, the hope we witness every day in those suffering from anxiety, depressive or bipolar disorders who retake control of their lives and find a balance by using the resources available to them, as well as their own and those in their milieu.

Health self-management in four words

In order to successfully manage one’s health, the first step is to know one’s self: to become aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses; to recognize the warning signs that signal the presence of a too high level of stress or an underlying distress that can evolve into illness if left to fester. It is also important to know about the behaviours that promote health and the resources available when needed.
Self-management of health requires ongoing self-assessment and observation of changes in our well-being, our mood and our stress level. Such watchfulness enables earlier detection of any signs of malaise indicating that our health may be threatened.
To maintain our health, it is important to choose daily behaviours that help strengthen our natural defences and to stay in full control of our physical and psychological faculties. Under certain circumstances, in spite of such preventive behaviours, warning signals can indicate the existence of a threat to the state of our health. In these instances, it is necessary to choose, considering the personal suitability of each option, the best behaviour to adopt among those available in order to avoid worsening the state of our health.
Our choices will not have any effect on our health if we don’t put our words into action. The ability to act on our choices is a determining factor in health self-management. To maintain our health or to recover our health, it is necessary to be proactive on a daily basis, even during the most difficult times.

The psycho-educational workshops of Revivre’s J’avance! program provide support for health self-management. This strategy— the efficiency of which has been proven—is increasingly recognized as an indispensable component in the treatment of those suffering from anxiety or mood disorders.

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